The Story So Far

Welcome one and all to my corner of the internet. I’ve got one too many obsessions for any person. Let’s cover the basics, I’m MissKatiEllen or Kati and I’m from England. I get asked this a lot so I’ll answer for you. Yes I’m mixed race, my mums folks are from Barbados and my Dad is part Welsh. And yes my eyelashes are real. And yes I know I talk very vey fast at times, lord know how my brain is able to catch up.

So what does my blog cover?? Book reviews, beauty and skincare, the odd baking items plus so much more. For film reviews and recaps and review of Tv series including shows like Hannibal, Bates motel and Gotham click HERE. For hauls on books, makeup, nail polish and so much more then click HERE. I also do monthly updates on what I’m reading.

Not enough?! For an extra slice of me and what I like head to my Tumblr and take a peek, I also live blog certain shows when their airing in the UK, most recently Doctor Who, Hannibal and The Flash.

So that is me. Don’t be shy feel free to get involved and comment, would love to know your thoughts especially when it comes to books. And if you wanna ask me anything, then hit that ask me button on Tumblr.
Happy blogging.heart



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