.My May Candle Collection | 2017.

At the end of April I was invited to Candle Scentrals loyalty event. They had some great offers on and I bought some new and awesome fragrances.


Both and me mum treated ourselves to two Flamingo Candles. We both happened to pick Pineapple & Raspberry, I also picked Lemon Curd, a fragrance I’ve been meaning to buy since they became stockists and mum picked Lemon & Lime Mojito. Normally Candle Scentral has two for £20, £12 each, but for the loyalty there was 25% off. How could I resist??


Next we have Candleberry, I was really impressed from what I bought last month and wanted to try out some other fragrances. This month I bought County Rain in a large jar, £23.99 for 26oz. Described as “visualize an open Bluegrass field with a light rain falling on anotherwise sunny afternoon. Clean and pure with just a touch of sweetness”. For our burner, Lemongrass Essential Oil, £7.99. Fingers crossed the weather brightens up to match these uplifting scents.


Now because I have zero control on my spending I bagged myself a goodie bag!! In it I got a small jar of Shea Butter, perfect bathroom smell, concentrated wax melts in Harvest Sugar Cookie, has a slightly warming smell ideal for autumn/winter, and finally a scented mini pouch by Millefiori. Not pictured because mum pinched it already is a tropical sample mix of Flamingo Scent Eggs.

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