.My April Candle Collection | 2017.

It’s finally spring!! We’ve had some fairly sunny days so it definitely counts as spring, so for this month I decided to pick some new fragrances that I hadn’t tried before as well as a new brand to reflect the season.


First up is a brand completely new to me called Candleberry, they’re a company from the states with some seriously new and different smells. I discovered them after my local candle shop, Candle Scentral, had a refit and became a stockist.

I picked up a medium jar, £14.99 for 10oz 50-60 burning hours, of Raspberry Lemonade. Described as “A super-fragrant, bursting blend of red raspberry droplets and lemon wedges, married in an ice cold glass for the perfect treat to cool the senses! Some say they can feel the bubbles!” Oh my goodness I just wanted to eat this!! This fragrance is now an all time favourite.

I also wanted to give their version of a wax melts a try, or It’s a piece of cake. This comes in a cake form, with 8 segments you break off for £7.99. As well as traditional burners and electric these can also be used in a Scenterpiece. Continuing with a the fruity theme I picked Pomegranate, this was bursting with fragrance. Makes a welcome change to cranberry scents. The only downside to the melts is that you can’t sample them like you can a Yankee Candle wax melt.


Next up is one of my most favourite brands, Flamingo Candle. Last year I missed out on Bunny Kisses, so this year I wasn’t taking any chances. The tangy and sweet fragrance of rhubarb and custard is perfect as their Easter release and perfect for spring/summer. This year I picked up a jar and some melts, £2 each, in a cute bunny form, I felt cruel putting them in a burner. The second candle I picked up was Cherry Cola. This smells wonderful, it’s a nice light alternative to other cherry candles that can be quite heavy and in your face. The jars were £12 each or 2 for £20 from Candle Scentral.


Lastly I sampled two new releases from Yankee Candle, part of the new Havana Collection. First up is Tobacco Flowers. “The spicy sweet, woody scent of tobacco flower.” I really liked this, it’s so different from your traditional floral fragrances. My other pick was Viva Havana, I was really pleasantly surprised by this. It has a slight incense smell to it, without smelling over powering and heady with a sweet undertone. Samplers were £1.99 each.

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