.Lucky Fine Peel Off Black Mask | First Impressions.

Hi everyone, today I’m reviewing something I’ve always wanted to try. A blackhead peel off mask!! We’ve all seen them on the Internet, and how satisfying it looks. I wanted to try one of these for ages but as you can only seem to get them online I was a little dubious, until my friend sent me a wonderful snapchat of her nose covered in the stuff. And here we are.


I bought the same one as her, Lucky Fine, from Amazon for £6.99. My friend seemed pretty happy with it, it didn’t cause her any skin irritation which was a plus as she has far more sensitive skin than I. The product came boxed with a plastic spoon/applicator, which was a welcome surprise as I was expecting to have to apply this with my fingers.

So about my skin, from the photos above you can see blackheads aren’t a massive problem for me and I don’t have oily skin, but as I like to do face masks and exfoliate I wanted to be able to give me skin a real good clean.


The packaging says to wash and cleanse your face, then place a hot towel on the area for 3-5mins to open pores before applying. I didn’t use the hot towel method, instead I used the steam from washing my hair. The little spoon made applying so easy!! Although the product is thick it spreads easily and you don’t need much to cover an even layer. Make sure you don’t apply too much or it’ll dry unevenly and you’ll have to wait longer till you can remove it. There was also no smell to the product, which was nice as I was expecting it to smell plasticy or some fake overly sweet smell.


During the drying process I experienced no itching or tightness which impressed me, that maybe because I applied a decent layer. I left mine for 15mins, the packaging suggests 10-15mins. It also came with a little instruction booklet that also gave suggestions on how often to use depending on your skin type. You know it’s dry when you can run your finger over it and it doesn’t feel sticky anymore and feels smooth.

Unfortunately it didn’t peel off in one bit, which meant I couldn’t take photos of what removed as once it’s dry it becomes quite thin and has a tendency to curl up. The biggest difference I noticed was around my nostrils, that area was always bumpy and oily whereas now it feels much smoother. So my first impressions are this; it didn’t work like the miracle videos we see, but it has made my skin feel smooth and soft without any tightness or redness and made a bit of a difference to the area around my nostrils. I wouldn’t call this product a complete write off and would use it again. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review soon.

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