.Maxfactor Marilyn Monroe Lip Swatches.

As it’s nearly Valentines Day I thought I’d give you some red lip inspiration. Maxfactor released a new line of lipsticks inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe. In only four shades, one to suit everyone.

“Our iconic Colour Elixir Lipstick formula, which includes ingredients such as shea, avocado and aloe butters, as well as anti-oxidant white tea. This lipstick’s Elixir formula actively improves lip moisture to achieve a smoother surface in just one week.
The result is high pigment lip colour that glides on effortlessly for an even finish and improved vibrancy, for true lip glamour perfection.”

These lipsticks were £7.99 from Boots, but I lucky enough to snag these whilst they had an offer on.


From left to right:

  • Marilyn Berry Red for cool tones, this shade is a pinky red. I love this shade for Spring.
  • Marilyn Sunset Red for warm tones, appears to have a more orange hue but when worn looks red.
  • Marilyn Cabernet Red for warm tones, has a slight golden shimmer to red.
  • Marilyn Ruby Red, the iconic shade. This has a slight pinkness to it, but is a bold red. But don’t be expecting pillarbox in your face red.

I love that Maxfactor embraced the iconic red lip by creating these four shades, it can be quite hard to pick the right red and I love that they eliminated this so we could cut straight to the glamour.

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