.Lush Crawley Christmas 2016 Bloggers Event.

So I’ll happily be the first to admit that Lush was more of a novelty shop to me. I love going in there and seeing their products, but it would always be so busy because it was “Lush” I could never properly look at products. I’ve bought the odd few bits from there, but it was only until we moved recently I got more into baths. So I was absolutely delighted when I got an invite to view the new Halloween and Christmas products.

I had a really fun evening meeting other bloggers and the staff were brilliant, watch below for my Lush haul which includes my purchases on the night and what was included in my goodie bag.

The event was hosted by three wonderful members of staff- Laura, Mark and Elena. Laura was in charge of the event and on hand to chat to any of us as well as helping us make our own bath bomb!! I thought this was a real nice touch and made the event just that bit more personal. I still haven’t used my butter bear, I just feel so mean.

Elena was there to show us all about the jellies, her product knowledge is insane, I could tell that she loves her job. Not only was her product knowledge on top form she could also tell us how important the source of ingredients were to the company.

Mark was our cocktail maker for the evening, showing us that it’s not all about the bath bomb. But as always, you can’t help yourself when they all smelled and looked amazing.

Of course there were demos, but Mark also showed that you can mix the products creating a whole new experience, like crumbling two different bubble bars to layer the fragrances.

I had a really great evening thanks to the Laura, Elena, Mark and Lush Crawley. I’d been thinking about doing an online order for quite a while, so this invite came just at the right time. Never have I been so excited to get in the tub.

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