.My September Favourites 2016.

It’s finally Autumn, but before the sun completely disappears let’s look back on what products I’ve been loving during sunny filled September.


During my year working for Laura Ashley I learnt that there was nothing you looked forward to more than the new catalogue being released, and that is still true even though I’ve left. I love seeing the new room set inspirations, plus the new wallpapers.


Last month feels like I’ve been burning candles left right and centre, and it’s been a real mix of fragrances. We started off the month burning Verbena in a wax melt to give a burst of citrus goodness. After that we tried something new, Gin and Tonic by Flamingo Candles which was a citrus based fragrance but more mellow. We finished off the month burning Soft Blanket, an odd choice considering the weather, but it made a nice change to strong fragrances.


My room, like living room is no stranger to candles; I always have something different in my room that reflects my personal taste where as the living room is more seasonal based. During September I tried two amazing fragrances by Flamingo Candles, Strawberries and Champagne and Black Raspberry and Vanilla. Talk about good enough to eat!!


The last thing I’ve been loving is eyeshadows, to be specific baked eyeshadows. I’ve recently been trying to get back into wearing them, and these pigment packed shades by Accessorize are a great place to start. I’ve had these for so long I’m pretty sure they stopped making makeup a long time ago!!

That’s it for September, comment below with what you’ve been loving and your thoughts on mine. See you in the next post.

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One thought on “.My September Favourites 2016.

  1. I love reading posts like these – I like being nosy and seeing what people have been loving haha! Would love if you could check out my blog and read my favourites post?xxx


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