.Father’s Day Inspiration.

Father’s day is fast approaching here in currently sunny England, 19th June in case you didn’t know yet, and if you’re like me you get stuck for ideas when your dad doesn’t give you much to work with. So I thought I’d help you all out, although these are technically his birthday presents, inspiration is inspiration right??


This is something my dad had mentioned to me before, and after being directed by a friend of mine to L’Occitane I discovered they’d sold out and had to shelve that idea. But finally I remembered!! The shaving bowl was £20 and the shaving soap was £12 for 100g. This is a great present as I can buy him refills come Christmas.


Now it wouldn’t be a MissKatiEllen post if I didn’t include candles!! I’ve always gotten my dad the wax melts but he said that he was thinking of trying candles as well. Luckily I remembered that Yankee Candle released their Barbershop range. There are five available and I picked Chrome, “notes of cardamom, incense and cedar wood create a coolly polished, contemporary scent”, and Aftershave, “this evocative mix of juniper and patchouli creates a woodsy, masculine fragrance”. I bought mine from Candle Scentral, £12.99 each.


My final buy is something really different which was what I wanted. I recently discovered that Hotel Chocolat do a food and drink section. I originally wanted to get the White chocolate horseradish but the use by date was fast approaching, but what I did buy is just as good. First is Creole chutney, £8 a jar, “sunshine in a jar. Rich tomato, sweet onion, hot chilli and roast cocoa nibs”. The second is Dark coco beer, £5 a bottle. “Brewed with the warming flavour of cocoa shells to create a complex rounded ale of real character, with pleasing savoury bitterness and notes of tobacco, cocoa and coffee”.

I’m rather proud of myself if I do say so, I’ve got a real mix bag of gifts but ones I know he’ll like. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration, even if it’s not for Fathers day but for another special occasion. See you in the next post.

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