.Blue Spring Half Moon Nails.

Hi everyone!! Today I’m bringing you a manicure first and how to, I’ve always liked the half moon manicure but never done it. So as I seem to be rather inspired at the moment, I thought now’s the time!! Also it snowed here in England. Yes you read that correctly, snow back in April. I still can’t quite get over this fact.heart


I’d initially thought about doing the manicure in just blues, using a darker blue as a contrast for the moon, but after looking through my polishes I surprisingly picked a nude polish. Todays manicure features Models Own Asscher Blue and Nails inc Porchester Square.

First step was to apply a generous layer of Porchester Square, I prefer doing it this way to minimise drying and time. I was mostly worried that if I did two layers the polish would peel. To create the moon I used sticky reinforcements, cut them in half placing each half on the bed of my nail.


Once stuck down I again applied a single coat of Asscher Blue. As my nails are quite long at the moment I went for a bigger half moon, placing the reinforcements higher up. Using a nude as my moon also gave the impression of longer looking nails, something I discovered afterwards. Once I applied the polish using tweezers I peeled them off whilst my nails are still wet.

For my first attempt I’m pretty impressed with myself. I cleaned up each nails as I went with a cuticle stick so I wouldn’t have to use remover. See you in the next post.

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