.Yankee Candle Spring Fragrance.

You have no idea how glad I am to finally be bringing you this post!! It’s taken what feels like forever but finally I got there. Due to the move everything got put on hold, and candles went here there and everywhere. Right, first things first, get your peepers on the video below. Not only does it contain my first impressions of the Spring trio but also some US limited editions.heart

All caught up?? Welcome those of you who came from my Youtube channel, let’s get to it.


Tahitian Tiare Flower: I can definitely smell the similarities to White Gardenia but this has a slightly sweeter smell to it, which I’m glad about. It’s not a very over whelming fragrance, so it would be better suit to smaller closed in rooms.

White tea: What a surprise!! Not only did this smell stronger than I thought I could still smell it in our little toilet the following morning!!I couldn’t smell the citrus in it but it did have a slight herb like smell, reminded me of a garden. Great spa smell.

Vanilla: Very little needs to be said about this. This smelt exactly how I wanted, a stronger version of vanilla satin and not too sweet that it sets your teeth on edge. Hurrah!!

Verbena: My fave of the three. It smelt exactly like it did in the jar, citrusy and fresh. It reminds me of a Ribena ice lolly I used to have growing up, really refreshing. I love it.

I’m really impressed with this years first quarter, all three will be bought in jar form that’s for sure. As a little test I put the sampler of Vanilla in the hallway and asked mum what she thought, she said it smelt exactly the same as our French Vanilla plugin. See you in the next post.

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