.Vafee Essential Oil Diffuser Review.

Hello everyone, todays unboxing and review is a essential oil diffuser. I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way paid for this review. I initially wasn’t sure as I’m a candle kind of gal, but as we were moving this seemed like a safer option. If you haven’t already check out my video below for the unboxing itself and first thoughts after using the product.heart

This is ridiculously easy to use, add water, add your oil and plug in. The function buttons are just as easy to use, when you plug it in it automatically starts misting. To turn on the lights simply press the button and it will start, press again to keep it on the colour you want and once more to turn off. The middle button controls the time setting, press once to turn on. The diffuser will start on a one hour setting, press again for 3hrs and again 6. Pressed for a forth time leaves the diffuser on continuously, fifth push turns off. When in the timer modes the diffuser will shut itself off. The final button will increase the mist.

Pros: Most importantly super easy to use. Straight away it starts misting and giving out fragrance and the auto stop function worked great. The feet have rubber grips so can be used shiny surfaces and it makes very little noise so in a spa this would be really nice, the same goes for use in the bedroom.

Cons: I found in the hallway the ‘throw’ wasn’t as good as I’d hope it would be, I increased the mist but it didn’t make a massive difference. This will work better in a smaller space or at least in a closed space where the fragrance can build. If you’ve got tiny ones or pets keep this high up as the lid doesn’t technically lock in place, so if knocked it could spill.

Overall this product did exactly what it was meant to. As well as testing this in different areas around the flat I also changed the fragrances. To try and eliminated fragrance contamination I emptied it out, let it mist for 5mins with just water and then wiped the inside with some kitchen roll before refilling with a new fragrance. Even misting with just plain water I could barely smell the grapefruit fragrance I’d used to prior. See you in the next post.

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