.My January 2016 Wrap Up.

Welcome book lovers to my first wrap up of the year!! Today I’ve got two books for you, Fathomless by Jackson Pearce and Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz. For my full thoughts watch my video below.heart

I was so determined to get both of these books finished!! Fathomless had me hooked, like Sisters Red and Sweetly before it the main theme of these books is identity. In Sisters Red (REVEIW) we have twins who’s lives revolve around the hunt, and for one of them that’s all there ever can be but for the other; maybe there can be more to life than just hunting down fenris?? In Sweetly, Gretchen and her brother have grown up knowing that no one will ever believe a witch in the woods took their sister. Gretchen fears the woods, can feel it closing in on her. But the question that haunts her, why did the witch take her sister and not her?? It’s taken me this long to realise the drive of this book isn’t the supernatural thread that ties this series together, but discovering who the characters are and them overcoming something more than just monsters. I can’t wait for Cold Spell!!

I had a much harder time with Serpent’s Kiss, which I’m really disappointed about. This is like that episode in the TV series you love where not much really happens, there are some great ideas but the twist doesn’t make you go “OH HELL NO!!” because you knew that guy couldn’t be trusted. It’s that episode that is paving the way for what’s to come, and here’s hoping it’s worth it. This books only saving grace was that we learnt so much more about their world which I thought was really lacking in the first book but kept me reading. This is one of my favourite thing about de la Cruz, she really makes something her own, her Blue Blood series is a great example of this. I guess this book lacked drama.

Overall I had a good month of reading, I feel because Fathomless was so good, Serpent’s Kiss paled in comparison. This February will be all about magic!! I’ll be picking up where I left off with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, whilst at work I’ll be reading Winds of Salem, the final instalment to the trilogy. See you in the next post.
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