.Nails Inc: For One Night Only.

Hello nail addicts, it’s party time!! As promised, as part of my Party Season Extravaganza I have a beautiful four piece collection by Nails Inc to share with you. This set cost me £24.50 from QVC, normally these polishes would retail about £11-£12 each; buying this set works out at £6 a bottle. Quite a saving. This collection is perfect for the party season or heck glamming up your weekday. For an a little introduction to these colours check out my YouTube video (HERE), Enjoy my lovelies.1f499


From left to right: Buckingham Square, London Lane, Chester Square & St Georges Square.

“This four piece collection of nail polishes features vibrant and distinctive colours, each with a touch of sparkle. Create a dramatic effect on your nails with minimal effort, thanks to this collection from Nails Inc.”


Buckingham Square: Gold leaf glamour!! I had so many compliments, the base was very liquid like which made it really easy to dab and spread the glitter pieces. For those of you who love glitter but don’t like it too in your face, this polish works wonderfully over a nude base, especially for work. But for those of you who like it bold day or night, layer this over black for a dazzling manicure.


London Lane: Sequins galore!! This beautiful glitter is made up of dark purple, with almost an inky hue, in a clear base. However if spread thick enough two coats would do it, but I didn’t want to have it really thick incase it chipped off; instead I layered over Rimmel London Danny boy, blue. This is more like one and a half layers, I applied the first layer like normal then dabbed on the rest to full gaps.


Chester Square: There is a reason why this is described as a disco in a bottle. At first glance it looks like a black metallic, but on closer inspection not only is fine silver glitter but red and blue glitters. There may possibly be green in there too, but it could just be the blue catching the light differently.


St Georges Square: As my friend described it, my nails looked like opals. The only way I could get a decent photo of what this looks like is if it was slightly out of focus. At first I really wasn’t sure what to put beneath this, in the bottle it looks really white and pearlised, but after swatching I saw how pink the iridescent was. I thought the best way to enhance this was to layer it on top of a pastel or in this case lilac. Hard to believe that is only one coat!!

And that’s it, my little glitter-fest is over!! Thank you for joining me over my glittery extravaganza. Without a shadow of a doubt this collection is one of my favourites that I own by Nails inc. See you in the next post.

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