.Party Season : Anna Sui 114.

Who cares if it’s no longer the party season, glitter is one sure fire way to kick those January blues. This is my finale standalone polish in my Party Season Extravaganza, which means there’s one last finale post to come!!heart


My final standalone colour is Anna Sui 114, like the previous shade I posted about before this too smelt of roses. After swatching this colour I was really unsure if I would want to layer this over another colour. What I liked the most about this shade in the first place was that it had a kind of jelly look to it, the glitter looks like it swimming around.


In the end I opted not too, layering this on top of another colour would eliminated the jelly like feel. This polish has different sized silver and rainbow glitter, because of the jelly look some of the glitter looks blue. What did surprise was that this polish has a matte finish to it, although it did look okay a gloss top coat gave it the dark depth. This is three layers of polish, what love is that it didn’t start to feel thick or horrible the more I layered.


Can you believe my little glitter-fest is almost over!?  Don’t forget to follow my blogs Instagram (HERE) for the final swatches of polishes featured during the party season. See you in the next post.

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