.Party Season Nails : Glitter Polish Swatching.

The party season is upon us and I’m going to be spoiling you for the whole of December. After going through my colours I decided it would be a genius idea to wear only glitter polish, boy that was a idea. But I’m sticking to my guns!! As part of my Party Season Extravaganza  I’ll be bringing you a new glitter polish post to give you a bit of inspiration.heart


From left to right: Buckingham Square, London Lane, Chester Square, St Georges Square, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Supernova & 114.

The first four colours are by Nails Inc and are part of the One Night Only collection, £24.50 from QVC. This collection will be posted towards the end of the month, but keep an eye on my blogs Instagram (HERE) for swatches. Here’s a little sneak preview.


The next three glitters will be posted every Monday, these were a Christmas present from last year. First up we have OPI Fresh Frog of Bel air, next Supernova by Sally Hansen and finally 114 by Anna Sui.

For an extra peek at what’s to come this month, live action swatching and my full thoughts on the colours check out the video below.

Now I’m really spoiling you, if these glitters weren’t enough to get you in the party mood I’ll also be posting a brand new Salon Fresh post of my chosen manicure for my Christmas party!! It’s going to be a busy December and I hope you’ll join, as always I’d love to know your thoughts on these polishes and any suggestions for St Georges Square. See you in the next post.

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