.Models Own : Diamond Luxe Collection.

Hi everyone, I’ve been really looking forward to sharing this collection with you all!! I’ve actually had this collection since January can you believe?! I bought it at the start of the year from the Models Own website when they had an amazing 50% off offer if you spent/bought so much, so how could I resist?! So when I should’ve spent £34.93, it only cost me something like £18.  For a little introduction to the colours check out my YouTube video (HERE). I been dying to get my hands on them, hope you love them as much as me.1f499


From left to right: Carat Coral, Heart Red, Marquise Maroon, Pear Purple, Oval Plum, Emerald Green and Asscher Blue.

“10 brand-new opulent polishes that are Luxe by name and Luxe by nature. Each polish contains real Diamond Dust to deliver a completely unique, multi-dimensional super-sparkly finish and some serious bling appeal! The ultra-fine diamond dust glides smoothly onto nails, giving a hint of sophisticated shimmer, coupled with the colourful shades for year-round grown-up glam. Quick-drying, achieve a long-lasting, ultra-smooth sprinkling of sparkle for the most glamorous manicure. Complete with limited edition gold caps!”


Carat coral: When I put this polish on it was quite late at night and looked rather orange and was saw sat there thinking, this doesn’t look like what I was expecting. Thank god when I went into the bathroom and saw it in a better light I saw how coral it was. Depending on how bright it is outside this looks like more pink than red. Surprisingly this polish had quite a thick formula.


Red Heart: Jam tarts and jammy dodgers. That’s the first thing I thought when I applied, and I love it. To me this is very like the iconic red you look for, whether dress or lipstick.


Marquise Maroon: Liquid velvet!! Lush. The only downside is that the brush was really dodge making it hard to apply.


Pear Purple: This shade really appeals to me, I love pastel colours but I don’t always want to wear them, and this colour is a shade darker than a lilac/pastel shade. Like Red Heart, I’ve noticed that with the lighter shades you don’t always get the full shimmer. Personally I like this, as in certain lights you get this golden shimmer all the time.


Oval Plum: Yes I’m aware of how different this shade looks, but there is a method to my logic. The shade in general looks like the top photo, but in artificial lighting (like at work for instance) it’s less shimmery and looks brighter.


Emerald Green: Finally I have found my perfect green!! Do you ever think you must own several nail polishes that are no doubt the same colour and yet somehow there is one that falls between the cracks; this is that colour. I would love a metallic version of this.


Asscher Blue: A gorgeous stand out blue, exactly what the doctor ordered  during this gloomy weather. Whereas with the other shades the shimmer looked gold, the shimmer in this looked blue.

For me the hardest thing was trying to photograph the shimmer as it’s very subtle and you see it more as you move your hand. There are 10 colours available in this collection. The other three colours are: Radiant pink, which is a really hot pink, Pink Princess, a pastel bubblegum pink and Trillion taupe, which as you can guess is a nude colour. See you in the next post.

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