.Berlin Germany : November 2015.

Hi everyone, it’s Wide World Wednesday which means it’s time to talk about my holiday!! Anyone who follows my personal Instagram (HERE) or my Snapchat (kati-ellen) will know that I went to Berlin, my third holiday of the year!! I had a great few days being a tourist; laughing my butt off and of course, stuffing my face.heart


Like most places in Europe, Berlin is filled with beautiful buildings and things to look at. From museums, cathedrals, old clock towers and the bridges there is something everwhere. Alexanderplatz is where to go, with a museum island and so many old buildings; you can either walk the entire way from the main platz, past embassy buildings, through Bradenburg Tor and down to the Victory Column or hop on a bus to see the sights.

R0003005 R0003015 R0003016 R0003017 R0003020 R0003009

Even their parliament building is something to behold. with the dome roof replaced with a glass one which you can walk up into; it offers spectacular views day or night. Inside is an amazing mirrored column that catches rain water.

R0003076 R0003078

Berlin Zoo was literally on our doorstep and there was no way in heck I was going to miss out!! I turn into a big kid and get so excited, it takes a lot not to run around screaming. Hands down my favourite was seeing the seals, their so playful and love showing off. As well as feeding times they also had a seal show, which is you have my on Snapchat will know I loved!! It was the first time I’d ever seen seals, so watching the show was amazing.

R0003023 R0003026 R0003059 R0003061 R0003025 R0003039 R0003041 R0003042 R0003053 R0003043

Of course I could never go to Berlin without going East side and seeing the Wall. At one of the memorial points they have an amazing wall dedicated to those who died trying to cross the wall, it’s beautifully and cleverly done. The best part is the East Side Gallery where a stretch of wall has been transformed by artists.

 R0003069 R0003067 R0003072 R0003075

I had an amazing time, and I even got to see my first burlesque/cabaret show!! Obviously I couldn’t take any photos but it really was one of the best nights ever, it was a small and intimate place with some really talented dancers. If you’re planning a trip then I would highly recommended checking them out (HERE). I went for just under a week and personally I think I couldn’t have gone for less as there’s so much to doSee you in the next post.

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