.Manicure Monday : Halloween Blood Spatter Nails.

Hi guys, today I have a throw back post you all. I think two years, I’m not great with time, we had to dress up for Halloween the entire week at work, which meant I had to think of something. To begin with I wasn’t too sure what I was going to have, I hadn’t really planned on doing anything manicure wise, my back up plan being Nightmare before Christmas inspired should I end up in the mood. Hope you enjoy this throw back manicure.1f499


From about May I had decided I was going as Red Riding Hood, I bought an amazing cape in August before they jacked the prices up and had two cute red dresses I could switch between. Costume as all done and dusted. And then it came to me, blood splatter nails, as if I’d been attacked by the wolf!!


Mum and I discussed colours we wanted to use, especially for the base coat, to begin with we considered using white to make the blood stand out, but after sorting through my polishes we thought using a colour natural to my own nails would make it look more realistic. Above is two coats of Nails Inc Basil Street. I have a love hate relationship with this colour, it’s so close to my own skin tone it makes it look like I’ve got something wrong with me. I only really feel comfortable using this colour if I’m using it as a base for other designs.


All you need for this is a straw, and a dump truck full of newspaper if you can’t be trusted.To create the effect I dipped the straw into the bottle blowing onto my nails one by one. It’s tricky getting the aim right, as you can see most of it landed on my finger at one point. I was content on doing just the one colour but my mum had other ideas. For the second colour we used a dark red, in some lights purple. I have to say I agree with my mum, the two colours was really effective as the two colours create the look of fresh and dried blood.


And there you guys have it, and as an added bonus a picture of me all dressed up, hard to believe that was two years ago. I hope you all like this post and have given you some inspiration. See you in the next post.

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