.Salon Fresh Saturday : China Glaze Gradient Nails.

Welcome nail addicts one and all, todays post is another China Glaze gradient. After my last manicure and all the wonderful compliments I got I knew I had to have them again. For some extra inspiration check out my “China Glaze Pastel Gradient” post (HERE). Hope you enjoy.1f499


Left to right: Rain Dance the Night Away, Boho Blues & DJ Blue my Mind.

The base colour for my nails is Boho Blues, this and DJ Blue my Mind were the two colours that caught my eye first. I knew I wanted a manicure with these two colours, and I was thinking a gradient. Joanna selected the green as the third colour. I’m not always keen on greens as I can’t always find the shade I like, but this one blends beautifully with the blues.


Left to right: Purple Panic, Boho blues & At Vase Value


 I knew Joanna would want to get this pink on me, she gets all excitable when we start talking ideas, and in her own words “When Kati comes in it’s time to play around.” I’m not sure why it’s called Purple Panic as it look more hot pink than anything. But what I do love is that Boho blues looks far more purple in this trio of colours compared to the rest of manicure. See you in the next post.

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