.Nails Inc : The All Stars Collection.

Welcome nail lovers, todays post is all about a collection I bought way back in January but didn’t feel like wearing at the time. I bought this collection from QVC for £28.56, for a little introduction to these polishes check out my YouTube video (HERE). This six piece set is made up of three crème colours and three special effects. Hope you enjoy my latest collection.1f499


From left to right: Marylebone, Whitehall Place, Knightsbridge Road, Porchester Square, St Martins Lane & Westbourne Park.

“This six piece set of gorgeous nail colours contain a variety of special effects including 3D glitter and hologram effect – all in Nails Inc’s long wearing formulations. Perfect for parties, this fabulous set will help you create endless looks for any occasion.”

R0002582 R0002583

Marylebone: It’s safe to say I felt like a sugar princess the second I put this colour on. A beautiful pink glitter base with smaller silver pieces giving this polish a sugary iced look, only required two coats. I had a lot of compliments on this whilst wearing this colour.

R0002587 R0002590

Porchester Square: Out of the entire collection this is my least favourite, I don’t really do nude nail polishes. Personally I don’t think they suit me as they look too much like my own skin tone, but I do like to use them as a base colour for nail art. I own two nude colours by Nails inc, Basil Street which is more of a peach nude so it really does look like my skin and this one which is more of a mushroom nude making it a darker colour which I prefer.

R0002652 R0002653

Knightsbridge Road: I feel like my nail have been dipped in champagne!! I need to find a gold like this colour full stop. This polish is has a fine gold glitter base, large red/copper pieces and smaller blue and green pieces. As always with Nails Inc the glitter coverage is superb, this is only two coats. One thick layer would have done it just as easily.

R0002667 R0002694

Whitehall Place: This shade was slightly darker than it looks in the bottle, it’s a shade lighter than a dark cherry colour, but regardless it’s gorgeous.

R0002714 R0002713

Westbourne Park: Gosh darn it I love holographic nail polish!! It’s such a shame that it’s a pain in the backside that their so hard to photograph, I’ve noticed that only in certain lights do you get the effect which is a shame.

R0002725 R0002728

St Martins Lane: Such a beautiful plum shade, absolutely perfect for autumn!!

This collection brilliant, the colours work perfectly for so many occasions. From glitz and glamour to everyday, plus these polishes can be worn as the seasons change from summer to autumn. See you in the next post.

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