.Salon Fresh : OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby?.

Hi guys, autumn is fast approaching and my nails are certainly reflecting that, and oddly enough it happened completely by coincidence. The one thing I hate about this manicure, my nails are far too short!! Every time I look down my poor heart breaks, but seeing as my next appointment won’t be till 4 weeks time, I have no other choice. But it’s worth it for Disney.1f499


As per usual I was sat getting my nails done with no clue what colour to paint them, then my eyes strayed to the gold shelf and thought hmmm, this could be something. I’d kinda seen a colour I liked but I needed to look at it closer, till a few polishes back I spotted this gem.


The minute my mum saw this she was like this is rather Halloween, and you know what who cares!? I love this orange, it may be bright but it’s not in your face bright. It has a beautiful depth to it and at times looks a red, this is more iridescent than metallic, which I’m glad about. I feel it’s the iridescent element that gives it its beautiful depth. See you in the next post.

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