.Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Mask Review.

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well!! Todays post is all about skincare, as you probably guessed from the title, today I’ll be reviewing The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Mask. I don’t really ever stop to look in this shop and I’m not sure why, but I thought I would broaden my horizons. So about this post, well this review is going to be like a mini experiment. For the first week I’ll be using this product right when I’d normally be hitting my spot prone time, and then for the second week it will be once my skin has returned to normal and I’m all cleared up. So let’s get to it!!1f499

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So before I get into this and start talking about the product and my skin in general I thought I would give you guys the opportunity to watch my video that covers basically all the same stuff as well as trying out the product for the first time and my initial reaction to it and my thoughts the day after. So if you’d like to watch that just press play.1f499

Product description:

This instantly cooling face mask cleanses, soothes and refreshes the skin.

  • Helps remove impurities
  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Soothes skin

So, my skin. In general it’s in pretty good shape, I’m rather lucky considering my mums skin is oily. I only tend to get breakouts during my time of the month and maybe the odd one once in a while, or when the weather decides to go crazy real quick. I like to use a face mask once every week because I don’t have that much trouble with my skin. I decided to go for their tea tree mask as my skin tends to respond well to it and it’s never caused me an issue, but I know you sensitive skinned people out there may not be so lucky.

Let’s talk product, for £11 you get 100ml which to me is pretty reasonable seeing as I’ll only be using this once a month, plus I’m used to buying Soap and Glory and the price isn’t that much of a scare. I noticed straight away that unlike their other masks this isn’t a clay one, and when I put it on my face I noticed it was much creamier than expect and to what I’m used to. I feel like I could use less of this product. Instruction wise all it says is: “Use once or twice weekly after cleansing. Smooth a thick layer onto the face and neck avoiding the lip and eye area, using fingertips. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Mask does not dry.”

R0002625 R0002627

Right away I noticed how cooling it felt, when I have masks on I tend to do other things, wondering around the house really emphasised that cooling sensation. Initially I was a little worried about smothering my face completely in tea tree, especially my under eye area which is more sensitive so I spread it a little bit more thinly there. To apply I used a little spatula and dapped it on both my cheeks, forehead and chin and then rubbed in, I didn’t do an uber thick layer as I didn’t think my skin needed it. In places I did have a few bumps I made sure it was a little thicker. What I really loved about this was the fact it didn’t dry out my face, normally with clay masks you feel like the life is being sucked out of you and as it dries you can’t more your face, whereas with this I could still hold a conversation!! A Plus in my book.

 After I washed my face it felt really clean and I didn’t have any red blotching or anything, which I was worried about it, my face didn’t feel tight either which I really liked. Due to the nature of face masks I always get spots or bumps the next day because they draw out all the nasties and oils, and I’m pretty pleased to say I didn’t get that with this mask!! When I woke my skin didn’t look oily or dry and by the time I took my makeup that evening no bumps had made their way to the surface.


Week two & my final thoughts.
For the rest of the week my skin never errupted or had any reaction to the tea tree, yey! I did exactly the same thing for the second week and got the same result, which I’m pleased about. I do want my mum to try this out to see how well it absorbs her oils, although the Body Shop does do a specfic mask for oil skin. Sensitive skin wise, I think you’d be okay, obviously I can’t be 100% but I didn’t get any stinging under the eyes which was my biggest concern. A friend of mine whos skin is more sensitive than mine uses tea tree without any problems, when she first started using the oil she had a little stinging, like we all would, but evenutally her skin got used to it. If you did want to try out this product I would reccomended going in and getting their little sachets that has 1/2 uses depending how thick you spread it or ask for a little sample pot. Personally I’ve very happy to keep using this product, but I’ll always keep my eyes peeled for anything else.See you in the next post.

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