.Salon Fresh : China Glaze Pastel Gradient Nails.

Hi guys, and welcome to another Salon Fresh post. The weather has been pretty miserable lately and I’ve had a sticking cold over one of the busiest weeks, so I wanted something that would cheer me up. As always I never know what colour I want to wear and sometimes let Jo, my nail lady, help me pick out some colours; but this week she really came up trumps!! Hope you enjoy.1f499


From left to right: Lotus begin, In a lily bit & At vase value.

Let’s start with the polishes, part of China Glazes 2014 City Flourish Collection which is made up pastel crème shades and a couple of subtle glitters. I knew I wanted something bright and possibly pastel, Jo initially pointed out the pink colour and my gut feeling was oh god, as the lighting made it look very bubblegum. She then pointed out the blue next to it which I’m aware looks rather green in the photo, but again I wasn’t too sure on the shade. It wasn’t until she said, they would look good blended together I thought you know what let’s do this!!


I’m so glad I didn’t listen to my brain, these look like sweets and I love them!!1f499 We started by layering two coats of In a lily bit, initially it was only going to be the pink and the blue; it was only till we were drying my nails that Jo jumped up and added the purple into the mix. Which I’m really glad she did. After she finished sponging all my nails she re-sponged the tips to make sure they were really blue.


I couldn’t wait to start showing these bad boys off at work, I had so many lovely comments!!. These nails would be perfect for an Easter manicure, I can already see these as a perfect base for an Easter egg nail art. Here’s hoping the weather will buck up and I can feel summery again, comment below and let me know what you think of my latest post and what colours you think I could go for next time. See you in the next post.

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