.25 Facts About Me💙.

    Hi everyone, a while ago when I first started blogging on this site I did a ‘Get To Know Me’ post (HERE) and I thought as it did well I’d do another little one. So here is ’25 Facts About Me’ hope you all enjoy learning a little bit more about me!!💙


1. I love rain. As I said before, I enjoy walking home snuggled under a hood with my headphones in, there’s something quite cosy about it. I especially love falling asleep to the sound of rain, really heavy rain. Not to mention the smell of rain when it first starts….

2. I love TV. I love my soaps, more of an Eastenders girl than I am Corrie. Guilty pleasures include: Made in Chelsea, Towie and Geordie and Jersey Shore. Who doesn’t love a catfight??

3. I don’t think I have a favourite season, this being England summer happens too quick, suddenly autumn is here, winter is forever and spring even exists??

4. I love taking photos, I wish I took more. There’s something quite daft about the feeling you get when you look back at a photo of you and your favourite losers.💙

image(1) IMG_20150831_220945 10958196_10152659696419109_3583299069854734816_n  11817011_10153013251659109_2346391812088411967_n

5. Life is always made better with a takeaway. It’s a fact of life, there is no arguing on this.

6. Sweet over savoury any day. How I’m not diabetic is beyond me!! All those sleepovers eating and drinking utter junk. I’m amazed my teeth are in such good condition.

7. Disney is everything!! I will be subjecting my children to the classics I watched when growing up. Even Bambi and Dumbo. Just once.

8. Mum placed a house ban on the Fox and the Hound whilst I was growing up, I was 5 or 6yrs old and made it to the bit when she’s driving back through the forest after she’s left him. I watched it for the first time when I was 17. NEVER AGAIN!!

9. Yes I still have cuddly toys. I like to cuddle up to something when I can’t sleep. But I need to stop, in my defence I’m given most of those cute buggers.💙

10. When I was between the age of 5 and 9 I walked into the downstairs toilet of my old house and found the biggest spider!! To this day whenever I stay at my dads I can’t use that toilet.


11. I never did Brownies or Guides. Whenever I ask mum he always says I just didn’t want to.

12. My handwriting is rather on the small side, much to my mothers frustration. Weirdly enough my capital letters are huge in comparison.

13. I have a weird thing about fruit, I think it’s the texture as it’s not a solid food. I chew it weirdly. I have the same problem with Babybell, it’s not like normal cheese. I tear off small chunks and pretty much swallow them whole.

14. Space has to be the single most amazing yet terrifying thing ever. And the ocean for that matter too. I remember when I first got taught about space and my tiny little mind was blown forever. Just galaxies and shit.

15. I want to travel more, I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time, and I’m only just starting to be brave and do stuff. Bring on Disney in October!!

16. My biggest worry is that I’ll look back and regret not doing things, wishing I’d done more, seen more, taking more photos.

17. I’m a Pieces and think it’s fairly accurate. I’m rather overemotional and stupid.


18. My favourite colour is purple, whether it be pastel, vibrant or dark and seductive plum.

19. I’m not sure what my favourite animal, I do love otters I mean c’mon they hold hands whilst they sleep!! But then there are those adorable things that look like their smiling…Quokka!! That’s it!! Have you seen one of those things, seriously go to Google right now, it will make your day.💙

20. I don’t know what my IQ is, don’t think I want to know really.

21. I love singing and dancing, nothing better than getting my groove on.

22. The other day a customer I was serving said ‘I was a lovely shade of brown’. True story.

23. I hate that I can’t play any instruments!! Why did my parents listen to me when I said no??

24. When I’m living in my own place I want a wall full of hooks so I can have a mug wall.

25. I love teacups, doesn’t matter what I’m drinking from them, I feel so right. We went to Harrods for afternoon tea for my friends birthday and I felt so proper drinking my fruit tea out of their rather expensive china.

So that’s me guys!! I hope you’ve found this little insight all about me interesting, but if there are other fact you want to know then comment below and get asking. See you in the next post.

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