.Salon Fresh : OPI Simply Smash-Ing!.


Hello one and all!! I thought I’d do something different, well not that different I’m still posting nails, but I thought I’d share my nails from when I get them done at the salon every three weeks.

So about my nails, I’ve had really long nails for ages and working in retail has been pretty tough on them. I’d always be taking a corner off, which is hands-down soul crushing if you have long nails. So I decided to do what my fellow co-worker does and have a fibreglass silk wrap put on sealed in resin. This way I get to keep my beautiful long nails and no more splits and breaks!!

So why am I doing this post?? The question is, why wasn’t I doing this?! I don’t know why I never thought of it before. There are so many amazing colour I get to pick from, and there’s no way I’d ever get to own that many OPI nail polishes. Fingers crossed I will be good at posting these as I’m not used to taking my camera randomly out with me, but I’ll do my best!!1f499


This is two coats of OPI Simply Smash-ing! on top of one coat of OPI Who The Shrek Are You? OPI truly have the best names. I purposely took these photos in different light so you can the difference it makes to this beautiful shade. In some lights it looks really gold, others more yellow and sometimes even green.

I hope you guys like my new little segment, doing this gives me a great opportunity to show off some amazing colours I could only dream of owning. There are just too many to pick from!! See you in the next post.

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