.Anna Sui Nail Polish : Colour 405.

Hi guys, todays post is all about Anna Sui, a brand I am new to. This amazing polish was a Christmas pressie and the second I opened it I had to paint my nails. So where to start?? The bottle is quite possibly the best thing ever, and the box which is why I’m keeping it in the packaging. I actually thought it would be harder to paint my nails as the bit you hold is in the shape of a bodice, but it’s actually quite slim, making it easier to hold than I expected.


After I painted my nails for the first time I was sure I could smell something, and mum kept telling my I was going crazy, but I wasn’t!! This polish and the box smells slightly of roses, which personally I think is a really cute touch considering the rose on the polish bottle and on the packaging. Now to the colour itself.


Such a bold and beautiful red, this isn’t quite pillar-box (still on the search for the perfect shade) red or tomato red. A weird go-between,  two coats is perfect enough but for polish with a punch layer this on top of white for some real drama. My accent nail is China Glaze Ruby Pumps, a fine red glitter. See you in the next post.

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