.Day Trip : London Zoo.

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 Hi guys!! Last Saturday I went to London Zoo and had the best day ever, the sun was shining and it was just perfect. I would have preferred to have posted this before my holiday but alas it was possible as I went the day before!! Clever I know, safe to say I was rather worn out.

R0002271 R0002273

This time around the weather was fabulous and I got to see a Tiger before he disappeared to find his dinner!! Unlike last time I ventured into the butterfly garden, which I didn’t do last time as it’s kinda scary having them that close to your face fluttering about, and the bird aviary. So for those of you that have never been, to London Zoo or any zoo in general or just love animals I thought I’d share some of my favourite snaps.

R0002265 R0002275 R0002303R0002319

As you can tell ZSL have some really cool areas where you can walk around with the monkeys and birds, my favourite area to walk about has to be the rainforest bit as it has the Chinese bearded monkeys and the ones that look like they have a lions mane running and jumping about your heads!! I was also got to see loads of baby monkeys too!! Clearly I visited during baby season.1f499

R0002337 R0002296

R0002342 R0002335

It is so easy to spend a whole day here, we arrived there around 1pm, the underground was pretty busy, and left near closing. Also for a little bit more I purchased fast track tickets for not that much more, which for me was really worth it as it meant I wasn’t hanging around in the sun and we could great straight in there.

R0002315 R0002294

R0002321 R0002320

There were plenty of different sections to wonder around, plus plenty of talks, feedings and demonstrations. There is a café but I would recommend bringing your own food and having a picnic, either before or after you enter in St Regents park where ZSL is situated or in the Zoo itself as there are plenty of benches and toilet facilities. See you in the next post.

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