.What’s in my Suitcase?? My Summer & Holiday Essentials.

Hi guys!! In just three days I’ll be off to Rome and you can bet you bottom dollar I’m a tad excited!! So I thought I would share with you not only what in my suitcase but also in my handbag and my summer and holiday essentials. But I would also love to know your thoughts and plans for the summer, so comment below:) Right, let’s get to it!!

What’s in my suitcase??

Below is a link to a video I posted which is all about what I’ll be wearing whilst I’m away, gotta love H&M!! This vid covers the basics for summer, regardless if you’re going on holiday. So go ahead click on the photo:)




I swear the hardest part about packing is the shoes!! My amazing Disney Vans are without a doubt coming, Vans are so comfy and I’ll be doing a lot of walking. So it’s a no brainer. I’d prefer only to take two pairs but if there’s room I’ll take all three. The middle pair will be great for the evening as their not too dressy. The end pair are more comfy then the middle pair, so walking around is an option in these, plus they’ll work well for evenings too. Would love you thoughts on.

My holiday essentials.


  1. European plug. There’s a reason why this isn’t photographed…it is the unwritten rule of travelling!!
  2. Frizz serum. You never know when it might turn humid so it’s best to be prepared.
  3. Plasters. I don’t care how long you’ve had those shoes, a lot of walking is going to happen especially in a tourist destination like Rome.
  4. Sun cream & after sun.  No one wants to look like a lobster when looking back at photos.
  5. Lip balm. Lips need taking care of too!! And Let’s face it nothing screams sexy like burnt, chapped and peeling lips. Pucker up.
  6. Hayfever tablets. Although I don’t suffer with it too bad it does tend to help with heat rash first thing in the morning. Plus I will never forget the time I went to Barcelona and there was pollen everywhere!!
  7. Shower cap. Those ones provided in hotels are pitiful, who are they making them for?!
  8. Books. It’s not a holiday without a good book…or two…or three….

What’s in my handbag??


  1. Sunglasses. I plan on taking two pairs, this is my attempt at making sure I don’t get obvious tan lines around my peepers. Fingers crossed.
  2. Mini deodorant. Lord knows it’s gonna be hot and no one likes the smell of B.O wafting towards them in cramped tourist attractions.
  3.  24hr lipstick. When you’re out all day eating and drinking, plus taking photos, touching up my lip colour is the last thing I wanna do every time I eat or take a picture.
  4. Water. As much as I hate having to use public toilets I hate sunstroke more, I’ll probably only fill it half way so I don’t have to stop and pee.

So that’s everything!! I’ve been looking forward to this for so long and I know it’s gonna whizz by. If you wanna see what I’m getting up to whilst away then check out my Instagram for daily posts, or my Facebook for similar posts. See you in the next post.

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