.Mars Bar Cornflake Cakes.


No movie night is ever complete without these bad boys, and after several of them (movie nights and boxes of them) I thought to myself you gotta make some!! I was trying to think back to the last time I made them and it really was a while ago, so whilst chatting to my friend at work I decided that instead of using golden syrup to bind them together I was thinking about using Mars Bars. She was well and truly thrilled with this idea, and thanks to her brother working at a supermarket I got a bag of fun sized. Lucky me!!



Cornflakes (or rice crispys)

Mars bars

Melting chocolate

Butter for melting

Like when I make pancakes I play it by ear, it’s not an exact science, because I was using Mars Bars for the first time in my recipe this was very much trial and error. Personally I prefer not to use cooking/melting chocolate as at times I’ve found the taste isn’t as good, I used two bags of supermarket own chocolate buttons (135g each bag). Fun sized I found easy to use as I could keep adding a bar until I was happy.

Step one.

Melt your chocolate, in my case the first bag of buttons.

Step two.

Either add the Mars into the chocolate or melt them separately. If melting separately pour your plain chocolate over your cornflakes, this helps you decide if you need to add more or not.

Step three.

If melted separately now add the Mars, I ended up using five. If like me you melted the two together you may have found the two chocolates have combined rather well. Do not worry, used your spatula to work the cornflakes and chocolate together, heck use your hands if you want to!! Once cooled of course.

Step four.

Melt your second lot of chocolate. Once melted add it in a bit at a time so you can really work it in and make sure any flakes at the bottom haven’t been missed.

Step five.

Spoon into cupcake cases and place in the fridge to cool.

In total I made 14/15 yummy treats, this may have been because I added the bars into the first lot of melted chocolate, next time I’ll try melting them separately. Safe to say these went down a treat at work. See you in the next post.

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