.Prosperity : Illamasqua Nail Polish.

Hi guys, after many weeks of wearing the bright and fun colours from my Rimmel Colourfest Collection I fancied wearing something dark and in general feeling like a goth princess. I’ve had this colour for quite a long time, a gift from my mother one day after work, but it ended up in my pile of polishes and I guess I forgot about it. If I’m honest I’d never heard of this brand till I wore it, but after Googling I found several colours I now need to own.

R0002176 R0002180

How could I forget I owned this!?1f499 After deciding I was going to wear this colour my first thought was: this will look amazing matt!! So I grabbed my Barry M topcoat and started painting, and to my surprise after my first coat I realised that this colour was matte. There is something about this colour that looked really velvet and I loved it!! See you in the next post.

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