.Nails inc : Festival collection.


From left to right: Sloane Street, Hyde Park, Isle of Wight and Glastonbury.

“Nails inc Festival Collection. This four piece set includes two fabulous multi-coloured nail polishes in glitter effects plus two vivid nail polish colours. Have some festival fun this season with this playful collection from Nails inc.”


Sloane Street.
I adore this collection already, beautiful creamy formula and no need for a white base colour to give this polish a boost. This is two coats and it’s bright and bold. It’s almost neon but not quite.

DSC_7851 DSC_7847

Hyde Park.
I had so many comments on my nails in this colour already. Described as a tomato red, this definitely is new favourite out of my coral collection.


Isle of Wight.
Wearing this I feel like I sparkle and twinkle. This is pure glitter, I went with three coats only as I didn’t use a base colour, two would have done easily. This polish is made up from fine silver glitter and larger pieces of silver, white, green and copper. This would look great over a pale blue or lilac.


From the first stroke I was in love with colour. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “I feel like I’m wearing the night sky.” This polish is bursting full of colour, made up of a black glitter base with pieces of pink, copper, blue and green. This is only one layer on top of one layer of black, the coverage is incredible.

Like with all Nails inc polishes the coverage is superb, even with the glitters. Isle of Wight has a wonderful icy feel to it which is why I think it would look good layered over blue. See you in the next post. 

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