.Models Own : Splash Collection.


From left to right: Aqua Splash, Mermaid Tears, Pink Paradise, Golden Shore and Red Sea.

“A completely unique glide-on glitter topcoat in gleaming jewel shades. Inspired by the sea and distant shores, this pretty collection will have you dreaming of summer haze and tropical sun – each polish contains 5 different chunky hand-cut glittery flakes that are guaranteed to glisten, sparkle and refract the light. Revitalise your entire polish collection – wear alone for a wash effect or over your favourite colour polish giving a glistening top coat!”

These polishes are perfect, they made me feel like a glamorous mermaid.1f499 Plus I got so many compliments!! Due to their sheer and jelly like nature I bought five new colours to wear them on top of. I decided against black as I didn’t want to lose out on the colour. If worn on their own I think I would need at least three coats to get a decent colour from it. Only the red might be okay with two.


 From left to right: Nymph, Bikini, Rose Hip, Mango & Copa Cabana.

The Splash Collection is made up of large and small iridescent glitter flakes which take on the colour of the gelly base. I layered two coats on top of one base colour coat. These five colours above are the closest matches I could find.


Aqua Splash layered over Rimmel Salon Pro Nymph.


Mermaid Tears Layered over Barry M Limited Edition Bikini.


Pink Paradise layered over Barry M Rose Hip.
I’m not entirely too sure why I picked such a light pink, next time I’ll pink a darker shade as this is too Barbie for me. The upside however is that on a lighter base colour I can see there is a shimmer running through the jelly that I couldn’t really see in the other shades.


Golden Shore layered over Barry M Mango.


Red Sea layered over Barry M Copa Cabana.
For me this is the only colour you probably could wear without a base colour, however you would most likely need three layers to get a strong enough colour but it would look quite sheer. As the red colour was so strong in Red Sea the glitter chunks looked less gold and silver like they did in the other polishes, looking more red and taking on a slight rainbow hue. See you in the next post.

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